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CCACC Youth Dragon Dance Team Recruit New Team Members


       CCACC youth Dragon Dance team was invited to perform in many big events in Great DC area for more than 7 years. Every performance impresses and gets the most applause from the audience for its Dragon Spirit and beautiful patterns. The next event will be Labor Day Parade which will be held on Sept. 3 rd , 2018 at Gaithersburg City Town Center.

       CCACC youth Dragon Dance team is preparing to participate more Community Culture Events in the next half year. We are going to recruit more students to grow our team and replace the graduated teammates.

       Teammates will be the Elementary to High School Students from 4-12 th grade to be divided into Senior Dragon, Junior Dragon and Drum groups. The practice time for this term: 8/15, 8/29, 5:00pm-7:00pm. SSL hour will be issued based on the qualified attendant record. 

       Welcome new students to join us. For registration or more info please contact Ms. Wang by e-mail