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CCACC Board Member’s Annual Retreat

On Saturday, March 23, CCACC held their Annual Retreat to discuss the company’s mission and future plans, and presented special recognition to four newly-retired board members. A total of 19 current board members, senior consultants, and administrative staff were present.

In the past 36 years, CCACC has continuously dedicated its time and effort into better serving Asian Americans in the community, spreading Chinese culture, and facilitating the exchange of Chinese and Western culture. Currently, CCACC has seven major divisions covering a variety of services: Adult Day Health Care, Homecare, CCACC Art Gallery, Education, Culture and Recreation, and the Pan-Asian Volunteer Health Clinic and Evergreen Club which fall under its health and human services. Each division, although working toward different individual goals, come together under one shared vision – to care with love and compassion, service with sincerity and integrity, and thrive on joy and harmony.

The participants spent the entire day planning and discuss, analyzing the current operations, and brainstorming how CCACC can continue to grow in the face of challenge by utilizing available resources to further expand their services.

The retreat came to a close in the evening, and was followed by a relaxing dinner where Ms. Chang Zhao (Chairman of the Board) specially presented a gift of thanks to four newly-retired board members – Dr. Yuchi Huang, Dr. Yi-Sheng Wan, Dr. Rui-Ping Lu, and Dr. Chiang-Zong Fang.

Ms. Chang Zhao also presented a newlywed plaque for board member Ms. Ru-Han Zhang. Engraved were the words, “long-lasting like the water, sweet like irises and orchids” along with the well-wishes of the division managers and other board members, a heartwarming conclusion to a long day.