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Land of the Morning Calm

Blossoms of pink, white, and purple flowers intertwined with the luscious green grass, provides the imagery of strolling through the woods on a warm, spring day. These are the images hanging on the walls of CCACC’s Art Gallery. Come to the gallery to enjoy the beautiful artwork created by five talented Korean artists, on display for the rest of May.

General consul of Korea talking

On May 4th, CCACC Art Gallery started celebrating Asian American Heritage Month with their latest exhibition, “Land of the Morning Calm”. The opening ceremony was held on May 11th from 2pm to 4pm. The ceremony started with Executive Director Chih-Hsiang Li giving his welcome remarks. The Gallery also invited general consul of Korea from the US Embassy, Dong-gi Kim, to say a few words. The Administrative Director of Governor's Commissions on Asian Pacific American Affairs & South Asian American Affairs, Christina Poy, also presented an award for Asian American Heritage Month to CCACC.

Christina Poy presenting an award to CCACC

This exhibition showcases five Korean artists. At the opening ceremony, artist Grace S. Park introduced each of the artists and each of their unique styles. Unfortunately, In-soon Shin was unable to attend in-person.  The artists are as follows:

  • Myoung-Won Kwon – “Calligraphy is the mirror that reflects the heart’s deepest thoughts.” He started practicing calligraphy from the moment he could write. Kwon hopes to use calligraphy to express all the moments in his life that has inspired him; his brush is his voice as he shares his truest self to the world.
  • Mihae Namkoong – Namkoong creates oil paintings that reflect depth and subtle changes, using paper made from Korea’s mulberry trees and mineral pigmented paints. She hopes to capture the ever-changing nature and beauty of this world.
  • Sunsook Shin – Shin has always had a passion for Korean brush painting, and was trained in the art and philosophy behind traditional brush painting. Throughout the years, her paintings have evolved to encompass a more modern touch. Shin’s experience in dance and music can be seen through her artworks. Every time she creates a new piece, she walks into her own spiritual world and enjoys the meditation behind creativity; she wants to bring audiences the simple aesthetics of art.
  • Bok Kim – Kim listens to the voices of nature and enters its realms. Her thoughts and spirit enter her artwork as they go on a journey together.
  • In-Soon Shih – Shih is not afraid to break barriers and challenge the concepts of Asian art. He uses the concepts of modern abstract painting to break tradition and shift away from calligraphic-style paintings. Although he uses techniques and tools present in traditional art, each of his artworks reflect a certain depth.

One of the artists sharing her story with a viewer

We want to welcome all who are interested in art to come and delve into this world and experience the stories that each of the five Korean artists have to share. CCACC Art Gallery offers free and convenient parking.

Opening Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

Address: 9318 Gaither Road, Suite 215, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Korean artists and CCACC personnel at the Land of the Morning Calm art exhibition group photo